‘[T]he genuine writer has nothing to say’, claimed Alain Robbe-Grillet in the mid last Century, ‘[…] only a way of speaking’.

At Faithless Arm, a publishing collective founded by George Morgan and Dominic Jaeckle in 2010, our interests pursue the broader implications of this quotation.

As publishers we are, in the first instance, “formalists” — concerned with the history of the book as artefact, with the medium behind the produced, constructed, performed idea. Our efforts are then to marry form and content, in a period of shift as the “book” becomes simply a text, a file extension.

We are concerned with this ‘way of speaking’ — and this page then shall react against, and interact with our printed matter to explore the implications of this term across mediums, offering a view of ‘potential literature’ and this distinction between the ‘text’ and the ‘book’.

Our first publication of poetry, Entomologies, is now complete and available for purchase online.

In the interim whilst we bring our website up to date, announcements and developments are still available on our blog.

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Dominic Jaeckle and George Morgan